Hello world, and welcome to our blog! We are so happy you stopped by and wanted to get to know us better!

We are the Gowdy family, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. We are avid cat lovers, nature hikers, gamers, and foodies. Our philosophy is that a family that cooks together, stays together, so all of our recipes are developed with our family at heart. Food has always been an integral part of our daily lives, and now we are excited to bring our food to you. As a three-membered family, we differ in our preferences and interests, so our recipe portfolio is diverse, but always clean and healthy food. 

Our motivation for creating our own recipes comes from a personal place. In 2015, our family was struck with a major illness that affected the types of food we could prepare and eat together. With a need to find recipes that were low on salt, sugars, preservatives, processed carbohydrates, and saturated fats, we began our exploration of healthy yet delicious foods. This was difficult for us at first, as we are a family that adores traditional dishes, which are often rich in unhealthy ingredients.  Therefore, in order to eat the food we had always enjoyed, we knew we had to find new ways of achieving the same flavors without using traditional sauces. This is the foundation for our cooking, and for this blog. 


The Gowdy Family

Caitlin Gowdy

Caitlin is the baby of the family, and is the main organizer for A Family That Cooks Together. She is also the main content creator and designer for the website. 

Her love for food developed while she was in college, and has been improving her cooking techniques little by little every day. Her style is primarily Asian Fusion with a clean eating twist.

Mama Gowdy

Mama Gowdy originates from the island of Taiwan and moved to the United States almost 30 years ago. She is a content creator and adviser on the site.

While she traditionally cooks Chinese and Taiwanese foods, her current culinary interests explore the flavors from countries along the historic Silk Road and the Mediterranean. 

Papa Gowdy

Papa Gowdy, previously a coder and software developer in the heart of Silicon Valley, now spends his time hiking, gaming, and creating healthy foods.

He develops all slow cooker and hot sauce recipes, as well as many dishes with Latin influences and flavors. But most importantly he is the main taste tester for the recipes published on the site.

The Gowdy Cats


Franklin is the prince of the family and a main focus of all Gowdy Instagram accounts. He is a five year old Maine Coon mix with orange and beige fur patches. He may act like a baby most of the time, but he is a fierce defender of the Gowdy abode. Keep an eye out for him in blog posts and pictures, as he loves to get in the middle of whatever the Gowdy's do.


Orange came to the Gowdy's with his sister when they lived in Southern California. While his sister, Scratchy, has now passed away, Orange remains the king of the household. He is a very fluffy and cuddly orange tabby with long fur that often gives the family sniffles and sneezes. He does not like pictures, but always hovers around whatever the family is doing.


The newest addition to the family, Sebastian is a spazzy and excitable Persian mix with beautiful gray fur. He is much shyer than his brother cats, but is full of love and devotion. Every time, once dinner is prepared and the table is set, he is ready to pick up the scraps. Now, after every meal, the Gowdy's feed his Temptations treat addiction with a loving handful of noms.

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Hello World!

We are the Gowdy's, cooking out of Northern California. Our recipes are focused on clean eating by creating as much as possible from scratch. We hope you enjoy our food. 

We look forward to cooking with you!

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